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flour·ish verb \ˈflər-ish, ˈflə-rish\

:to grow well :to be healthy

:to be very successful :to do very well

Fig & Birch is a hub for all things healthy, happy and transformative.  Covering topics of health across the domains of mind, body and soul – this blog is intended to give practical application to many of the new trends and research findings in the fields of psychology and wellness.  Emphasis will be given to relationships with self and other in order to help readers flourish across all domains of their lives. 

Why the name Fig & Birch?  Well, partly I think it sounds cool.  Also, I love to eat figs and birches are my favorite trees.  But mostly, the name Fig & Birch is derived from the symbolic meanings of the two words.  The fig represents health and abundance.  Birch is a symbol of renewal and fresh beginnings.  One of the coolest things about the birch tree is that it completely sheds its bark, but maintains its form – it is simultaneously representative of change and stability.  This intrigues me given that, as a Psychologist, one of the things I am most interested is how we, as human beings, navigate the transitions in our lives.

My ultimate goal is to help people navigate change and growth in their lives much like the birch tree.  Hanging on to those key elements of themselves they most value while letting go of that which is no longer useful.  Through this process, individuals can flourish and live authentically regardless of the inconvenient adventures of life.



2 thoughts on “About Fig & Birch

  1. Dear Jen, so lovely to be with you last night. Looking forward to the next time. Best of luck with Christies surgery.
    is there a way that I can subscribe to your blog?

    Best regards, Susie

    • Susie,

      I really enjoyed last night too! I hope you will be back in the city soon so we can do it again.

      To subscribe to the blog, just follow this link and then click on the email you receive to activate the subscription.


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