50 Favorite Words #1 – Brave


brave adjective \ˈbrāv\
: feeling or showing no fear : not afraid

I love the word brave, but I disagree a bit with the definition.  I believe brave is acting as if one does not have fear (even if one is petrified) – it is a refusal to allow fear to determine our choices.  Brave does not = not afraid.  In fact the times of greatest bravery that I have ever shown have been times that I have been flooded with a lot of anticipatory anxiety/fear and self doubt.  Now…once on the other side of the brave choice, the overwhelming sense of empowerment and fearless calm is quite distinctive. To trust oneself, to do what we know is right (for us) or more globally, that is brave.  To feel fear is normal, adaptive…we should be worried about ourselves if we operate without a healthy level of fear.  That said, what would you do, try, experience, express if you refused to let fear define your choices? The possibilities are endless….

[Stay tuned in the coming weeks, more to come….]

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