50 Favorite Words – #8 Patience

I have a confession to make. I am not patient. In fact, I am markedly impatient. I obsessively check my phone when I am waiting to hear about something or from someone, I tap my foot when I am waiting in line, I check my phone when I am waiting in traffic, I snack while making dinner, and I have been known to peek at a present. I often focus so much on the potential outcome, I miss the process, the joy of getting there. Patience is less one of my favorite words and really more an aspirational goal.

Here is why I wish I were patient:

1. As soon as what I’m waiting for happens I’m on to the next thing. I think that overall my drive, planning and focus have served me well. But in my constant quest for meeting my goals I don’t spend much time celebrating or showing gratitude at each stop on the way. I skip the chance to savor small successes.

2. I miss many special moments while trying to get to the one I have in mind,thereby missing possible pleasant surprises on the way.

3. At times when I’m impatient, my intensity limits my very process. When I am patient, instead of trying to rush my insights or my writing, I just relax, let it be. During those rare moments, I sometimes happen upon an unexpected gem.

4. It also turns out that patience is really good for you. The physical and emotional toll of being intense, anxious, jacked up all the time is significant. The power of a few calm, yoga-breath moments in your daily life goes a long way.

Kind, sweet patience. That is what I hope for. For myself, as I strive to meet my personal goals. For my partner. For my children as they grow into themselves. Patience…it’s worth a try.

“Genius is eternal patience.”


Ummm…I’m pretty sure I’m a cross between an avatar and Dr. Ruth

One of the cooler things that has come out of the otherwise stressful process of trying to network and get established in NYC, is that I have met some amazing people doing some amazing work.  As part of this process, I got connected with Bridg-it.  Bridg-it partners with schools, communities and organizations to address bullying and harassment.

I am deeply passionate about reducing violence of all kinds and promoting safe and healthy communities.  I spent a number of years working for the amazing Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy but when I moved to NYC I shifted my professional focus to the intervention side and much of my writing to broader issues of health, happiness, and all around flourishing.  So…it is very cool to be able to partner with Bridg-it and do a small part to support their important work. Toward that end, I am serving as a member of their advisory board and doing a monthly blog for them.  But that isn’t the exciting part. The exciting part is they made a cartoon version of me – the concerning thing is that the cartoon is clearly better looking than I am.  Check it out….